Meet a Member: Lori Combs BS, RN, LNC, CFN

[President's note: The Presidents Blog is excited to shine a light on the members who reflect the values of AALNC and introduce the strong volunteer leaders that keep the organization thriving. This fall, we'll be featuring members of our Social Media Commmittee and their advocacy of social media for Legal Nurse Consultants.]

Meet-A-Member-Lori-Combs-BS-RN-LNC-CFN-250x250.pngLori Combs BS, RN, LNC, CFN

Meet Lori:

Lori Combs has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years experienced in emergency medicine, PACU, telemetry, and primary care clinics.  Lori completed Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner training in Dallas, Texas and cared for adult victims of sexual abuse.  She is a Certified Forensic Nurse and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  

What is the importance of social media to LNC’s today? 

In my opinion, social media is another tool for marketing and building relationships. With social media, you can reach a larger market, without breaking the bank, than you could with other marketing methods to reach your target audience.   

What are some of the challenges that LNC’s face on social media? 

One of the challenges with social media is the “impersonalization” of the platform. Many hide behind social media marketing, but nothing is more effective than a telephone call or a face-to-face meeting. Social media is a tool to “assist” you in making connections, but you have to extend that and make a personal connection as well.   

What are some of the things you’ve learned through your experience on the AALNC Social Media Committee?

One thing I have learned on the committee would be that even though I feel I am quite tech savvy, I learned more about the platforms through the experiences of others. I also have learned many tips and tricks for LNC’s in many avenues.

What advice would you give other LNC’s who are just getting started with using social media professionally?

I would let another LNC know that this is just a tool and is not meant to hide behind. You still have to get out and develop and nurture those relationships. Networking online is a great tool to starting making connections, but you have to follow through with the personalization.  

Why should fellow LNC’s follow AALNC on social media?

I believe that other LNCs should follow us as we provide great information on the many topics that are of interest to the LNC. We discuss business tips, trick and strategies, information pertaining to the medical field and the legal arena as well as upcoming educational opportunities, jobs, and so much more!  

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Lori Combs: Social Media

February 1, 2016 07:03 PM by Jennifer Smith, RN, LNC, CLCP, FN

Spot on as always, Lori! Proud to know such a successful and intelligent businesswoman!

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