Meet a Member: Annette Powers-Kilburn

[President's note: The Presidents Blog is excited to shine a light on the members who reflect the values of AALNC and introduce the strong volunteer leaders that keep the organization thriving. This fall, we'll be featuring members of our Social Media Commmittee and their advocacy of social media for Legal Nurse Consultants.]

Meet-A-Member-Annette-Powers-Kilburn-250x250.pngAnnette Powers-Kilburn, RN, MAOM, CLNC, Certified RN Trainer

Meet Annette: 

Annette's clinical experience includes Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Care, Memory Care, and currently Certified RN Trainer for DD Personnel (Developmentally Disabled). She owns an LNC company in rural Ohio, has a husband working on a degree in Respiratory Therapy, and 5 adult children, 2 grandkids, 12 chickens, and 2 llamas.

What do you think is the importance of social media to LNC's today?

Social Media can be a double-edged sword! Use of networking sites such as LinkedIn, can be a great way to build an alliance and seek out resources. Conversations on blogs and texting apps are excellent ways to keep connected with an alliance, allowing us each to expand on our knowledge base by picking the brains of people we trust. At the same time, we have to be aware of confidentially. I have had cases where attorneys, in utilizing my services to locate expert witnesses, have restricted how information can be shared as I contact those experts. We have to be vigilant to what information we share among colleagues as we clarify abbreviations, ask for suggestions, even how we market our services! 

What are some of the challenges that LNC's face on social media?

We [LNC’s] can easily become too comfortable and forget that so much of what we put on social media is far more visible than we may intend, and to more people that we like to think! It can be anything from a comment about an attorney-client or a case or even a patient we are caring for... inadvertent comments can shape how we are viewed personally AND professionally. 

What have you learned through your experience on the AALNC Social Media Committee?

While I was already utilizing some social media, being on the Social Media Committee has emphasized how social media can be excellent way to showcase expertise, whether it's reposting an article or link on a business Facebook/LinkedIn page or writing a blog to share on a website. It can help not only establish our value as Legal Nurse Consultants, but share up-to-date information with colleagues.

What advice would you give other LNC's who are just getting started with using social media professionally?

OK, I'm at the young end of the baby-boomer generation, which some studies will list as techo-phobes. But the computer is now an integral part of our world regardless of the industry. I love tech! I love the connectivity of the Internet and the ability I have to reach out easily and gather information! I learned many years ago that computers will not blow up if I make an error,  that information can safely and securely be saved just in case a system crashes,  and to just go for it! Don't be afraid to start...take a lesson online (you can learn almost anything on YouTube!), look at examples, and talk with other legal nurse consultants. As a wise friend, Jeff Turner, said in a seminar he gave about utilizing the Internet for business, use the Internet as a tool,  but don't become a tool to the internet/Social Media!

Why should fellow LNC's follow AALNC on social media?

Not a single one of us, no matter how experienced, knows everything. LinkedIn allows AALNC to keep us up to date on issues, information, webinars, trends, each other! Our industry demands that we keep learning, keep studying and developing our knowledge base and skills. Ignoring a simple opportunity to connect and learn is simply a way of hurting yourself and your attorney-client!

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