A Nurse's Perspective: How I Earned the LNCC®

Have you been considering earning your LNCC® but aren't sure where to begin? We sat down with Sherrie L. Allen RN, MHSA, CCM, CNLCP, MSCC, to gather some tips and tricks for you to utilize when studying to earn the certification.

AALNC: Briefly describe your LNC career journey.

SA: I have been writing life care plans, Medicare Set Asides and Medical Cost Projections for over 10 years. Recently, I was exposed to legal nurse reviews. In trying to learn to fundamentals of the professional, I became interested obtaining my certification.

AALNC: Why did you decide to become an LNCC®?

SA: While studying legal nurse consulting references through AALNC, I thought I might continue on and take the certification exam. I initially obtained the references to be better prepared in writing legal nurse reviews required by my employer.

AALNC: How did you study for the LNCC® exam?

SA: I bought several resource guides from AALNC. I found each one to be extremely relevant and helpful. I studied starting 3 months prior to the exam. Initially it was twice a week and then nightly for app an hour for 3 weeks leading up to exam.

AALNC: What are your tips for someone studying for the LNCC®?

SA: Start early and make sure you have all materials needed to prepare. I have a strong background in Medicare set asides, so I didn’t select that module. It is important to focus on areas you have no or little experience in because the test really touches on all areas.

AALNC: Would you recommend other LNCs earn their LNCC®? If yes, please describe why.

SA: Absolutely, passing the test adds a level of confidence. The resources you gain while studying for the exam sets up references for the future. The exam also assures your preparedness to be in various areas of legal nurse consulting.

Ready to take the next step and earn your LNCC®? Learn more at lncc.aalnc.org.

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