3 Observations from a First Time AALNC Annual Forum Attendee

What a great experience it was to attend the AALNC Annual Forum in Charlotte this spring!  Even better that it was held in my hometown! I am a new LNC who is still trying to take everything in but it was so invigorating to hear the various different speakers and meet fellow nurses who are excelling in the field of legal nurse consultants. Here are three things I took away from the AALNC Annual Forum:

  1. The energy among all the attendees was phenomenal and it made me more excited to get my business up and running, while also wanting to be involved with AALNC on the national level. Since the Annual Forum, I have volunteered to be a member of the AALNC Webinar Committee. What a fabulous way to learn more about this organization, meet other LNCs and be a continual student.

  2. I was able to meet other people from the Charlotte area that I had heard about and I was intent on meeting a variety of professionals. For example, I met with a variety of LNCs from those who worked for an international insurance company, owners of large businesses, independent small business owners, and much more!  That was what was so invigorating...the wide variety of work experience and variety of opportunities. 

  3. The one item that I learned at the AALNC Annual Forum and started working on immediately was my marketing plan. I spent alot of time talking to a few independent LNCs who exhibit regularly at lawyers' conferences.  After spending time with these LNCs, it gave me the confidence to proceed with my own exhibiting and my first convention is this weekend! I am so excited and I have been in touch with the LNCs who advised me on this aspect and will provide them feedback after this weekend's events.  

Portland here we come!

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