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2022-2023 AALNC Committees and Key Volunteers

Content Planning & Education Committee

  1. Karen Wilkinson, MN ARNP LNCC CNLCP (Director of Programs)
  2. Natalie McComas, BSN RN
  3. James Dalebout, MSN RN CEN LNC
  4. Mary Ann Seibold, BSN MBA
  5. Crystal Walker, MSHL BSN RN
  6. Allison Thorne, MSN FNP-BC MHA
  7. Tonya Price-Ashley, RN MSN-Educ
  8. Kerri Calloway, BSN RN CEN TNCC TNS
  9. Sabrina Willis, MBB-HCA BSN RN CPHQ CPPS
  10. Marilyn Bellamy, APRN
  11. Alyssa Brandeberry, RN LNCC
  12. Kirsten Fisher, RN MSN APRN CNS LNCC
  13. Polly McCray, BSN, RN
  14. Tamara Karlin, RN LNCC (Board Liaison)


  1. Erin Gollogly, BSN, RN, Chair
  2. Tamara Karlin, RN LNCC
  3. Jennifer Parks, RN, LNCC 
  4. Judy Young, MSN MHL RN LNCC

Forum Planning Committee

  1. Susan Carleo, RN BSN MPH, Chair
  2. Karen Wilkinson, MN ARNP LNCC CNLCP (Director of Programs)
  3. Cheryl Gatti, BSN RN LNCC
  4. Natalie Nguyen, MSN RN CNOR
  5. Pamela Borello, RN CNOR
  6. Minde Starkes, RN CPAN
  7. Judy Young, MSN MHL RN LNCC (Board Liaison)

Journal Editorial Committee

  1. Shawna Butler, JLNC Editor 
  2. Kathleen Ashton, Ph.D. RN ACNS-BC
  3. Glennis Fuller, RN, CCRN
  4. Cheryl Garrison
  5. Stormy Green Wan, RN, BSHS, RNFA
  6. Christie Paige, RN-BC
  7. Judy Young, MSN MHL RN LNCC
  8. Elizabeth Zorn, BSN RN LNCC
  9. Mary Flanagan, BSN RN CNOR LNCC (Board Liaison)

Leadership Succession Committee

  1. Jennifer Parks, RN, LNCC, Chair
  3. Cheryl Gatti, BSN, RN, LNCC
  4. Jane Shufro, MS, BSN, RN, CPAN, LNCC
  5. Elizabeth Murray, BSN, RN, LNCC

Membership Ambassador

The Membership Ambassador serves as a volunteer resource to all AALNC members. No matter if you are new or returning to AALNC, reach out to our Membership Ambassador to learn about the many benefits of membership, and how to make AALNC your professional home.

Margie P.jpg
Marjorie Berg Pugatch, RN MA LNCC

Shared Interest Group (SIG) Liaisons

  1. Alyssa Brandeberry, RN LNCC Expert Witness SIG
  2. Keli Heskett, RN BSN BS CEN Personal Injury SIG
  3. Paula Higgs, RN SMQT MSN/MHA Report Writing SIG

Interested in serving on a committee or volunteering with AALNC? Contact info@aalnc.org.

Volunteer Testimonials

My volunteering for AALNC began as a member of the Webinar Committee in response to a "call for volunteers"  a few years ago. I had attended a couple of AALNC Forums which gave me a pretty good sense of the various committees and I saw first hand how participating could offer me many opportunities to network both professionally and personally. I have found it very rewarding as I have also been a webinar presenter, and now mentor others who are interested in lending their expertise by becoming a webinar speaker. I participated in the First "Mock Trial" event this past year in Chicago which was both exciting and challenging. I met some new attorney contacts, collaborated with some other LNCs, and learned the inner workings of the courtroom process!  Lastly, I have expanded my experiences such as exhibiting my business at the TAANA conference, and will be a first time speaker at the upcoming AALNC Forum this April. Investing my time as a volunteer has opened doors, created many avenues for me to learn from more experienced LNCs, and to market and grow my business among like minded professionals. 

Jane Shufro, BSN,RN,CPAN

AALNC is THE organizational voice for all LNCs . It is not enough to be a member. I wanted to be involved to help it meet the needs of LNCs and make it a stronger voice for LNCs.   

What do LNCs need? They need to provide excellent work product to attorneys. They need to learn how to network and find their path to success.

By working on a committee and on other AALNC educational products , I am helping LNCs improve their work products and knowledge base as well as my own.

Working with others on this committee has been fun, challenging and rewarding.

There are plenty of opportunities for members to make a difference through volunteering. When you help run AALNC through volunteering, you are helping yourself and the specialty at the same time. You increase your visibility, add to your CV, network with others and develop your own career. You are opening yourself up to learning from others and teaching others.