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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Legal nurse consulting is the analysis and evaluation of facts and testimony and the rendering of informed opinions related to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services and outcomes, and the nature and cause of injuries. The legal nurse consultant is a licensed registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinically related issues in a variety of settings in the legal arena. The nurse expert, with a strong educational and experiential foundation, is qualified to assess adherence to standards and guidelines of practice as applied to nursing practice.

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AALNC Legal Nurse Consulting: A Nursing Subspecialty

The AALNC Legal Nurse Consulting: A Nursing Subspecialty booklet introduces nurses to the field of legal nurse consulting and suggests resources to further investigate this growing profession. The booklet covers the role of the LNC, educational background, licensing, and clinical experience of LNC's certification, LNC practice responsibilities, and the value of the LNC to the legal process.

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Position Statements

The following position statements express AALNC's stance on important issues related to legal nurse consulting:

AALNC offers many more advanced publications and products for LNCs, including the primary reference text, Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice Textbook